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Tourist Places to See Around The Corbett Park

Corbett Park is mostly visited by Couple, Family and Tourist Groups through out the year but the best time is mid November to mid June. The visitors, interested in sightseeing should stay two or three days in Corbett. These are some most popular and beautiful sightseeing places around the Corbett:




Corbett Jungle Museum (Corbett Home):


Corbett Museum is the place where nature lover, creative writer and skilled hunter Jim Corbett usded to stay during winters. You can see his books like Man Eating Tiger, Man Eating Tiger of Kumaon etc. with his personal items like, gun, fishing net, cap, bag and some of his photographs with tigers. The entry ticket of the museum is Rs. 5 for adult and Rs. 1 for student.



Dhikala Tourism Zone: Dhikala is the most popular wildlife lovers destination in Corbett National Park. Ramganga flows here in many channels and the awsum view of the valley is great. Stay here in Dhikala Forest Lodge within forest and get the real experience of jungle.



Dhangari Museum: The Museum is situated at the main entry gate. Here you will watch the complete details about faunas and floras of Corbett National Park with trophies of naturally dead animals i.e. Tiger, Leopard, Tusker, Deer, Sambhar and Crocodile etc.



Garjia Temple: Garjia Maa Temple is situated in the mid of Kosi River near Ram Nagar city. The temple holds great importance amongst the thousands of devotees from across the world. Almost every couple coming to Corbett must take the blessings of Garjia Maa.






Bijrani Tourism Zone: Bijrani area was famous during British Rule for game hunting among hunters. Now Bijrani is the precious zone considering the highest numbers of wildlife and wonderfull flora and fauna. There is topmost possibility of tigers spotting during Jeep Safari.


Sunrise Point: This is a highest peak in Corbett at Bhuwankhal Village ( Kath ki Nao). Travellers can see both the rivers Kosi and Ramganga from the peak at a time.



Kalagarh Dam: Situated at the south-western side of the Corbett Park is multipurpose project to provide Irrigation, hydro electric power and flood relief.



Sitabani Forest Reserve: Sitabani is at a distance of about 10 kilometers from Ram Nagar City. This area is birdwatcher's paradise but not the part of Corbett Tiger Reserve. beautify the environment of area. Tigers, leopard, wild bears, elephants, barking deer and other wildlife move to Sitabani during tourist season in Corbett . Declared as buffer zone area by the forest officials is ideal place for doing wildlife photography. Elephant and Jeep Safari is allowed.



Sitabani Temple: According to epic Ramayana, Devi Sita (wife of God Rama) spent her days of expulsion and had entered into the lap of Mother Earth here. A fair is held here during Ram Navami.



Jhirna : Just inside the southern boundary of the Park Jhirna Rest house lies on the road from Ramnagar to Kalagarh which is in east-west direction road through the Park. Jhirna was a farming village before 1994 and was successfully relocated under Project Tiger. The farmland is gradually reverting to a grassland habitat of animals. The nearby terrain consists of numerous sots and narrow gorges running through typically Shiwalik landscape. The hills to the north of Jhirna are covered with dense patches of bamboo. Not only Tigers but other interesting mammals like sloth bear, leopard and deer. Visitors can watch variety of birds also here.



Corbett Water Falls: Water Falls always attract mankind and the Corbett Water Falls is tourist first choice. Situated at an approximate distance of 25 km from Ramnagar City, The Corbett Waterfalls, gives awesome view from a height of about 60 feet with the backdrop of scenic greenish forest. Full Moon light colored waterfall is really worth-while to observe. The wide area around the water fall provides very good parking and camping facilities. It is a best picnic spot for groups visiting Corbett National Park. Visitors can enjoy bathing and swimming. 'Nature Walk' museum is another a nearby attraction, where tourist can experience the purity of nature.



Kosi River: The River Kosi does not enter Corbett National Park boundary but it flows along the Park forming eastern boundary of the Corbett Park. Tigers and wild animals come to the kosi river banks for drinking water mostly during cirtical season. The river is habitat of Masheer and numerous species of migratory birds. The area is best for bird watchers and photographer. Sitting and Walking at the banks of Kosi river refreshes visitors from city tention.


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